Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Butragueno: Sign The Best Player Means Someone Had Left

The first round, Real Madrid in the home court 2-0 victory over newly promoted Cordoba, after Real Madrid's foreign relations director Butragueno talked about all topics associated with the club in an interview. Would you like to understand something totally new about the cheap fifa 15 coins ? After that arrived at internet site to obtain the lattest innformation about the cheap fifa 15 ultimate team coins .Have a good time !Real Madrid in the new season opener, Butragueno said, "3 very valuable to the team work, we feel happy, also to congratulate our opponents, they also played a good game, for them, this is a season full of historical significance."

Butragueno then talked about C's physical state, "C Luo in the back then didn't go too much training, but C Luo is always the goals of the team, he will gradually become outstanding, C Luo is always the C rom.." Casey became the league's first choice goalkeeper, "those different opinions will always exist, but Ancelotti is the choice in every game."Butragueno talked about the related topics and Di Maria, "he is a great player, we are looking forward to an end, not what can talk, if there is a move, it is because everyone reached an agreement.

Each summer, Real Madrid tried to sign the best player in the world, which means that people will leave the team, we now have a number of the most outstanding player, to fight for every title."Ruiz: to join Paris than Barcelona or Munich to be more happy.Baer, "we must look to the future, try to win a new European champions, we want to create history, to win the Champions league. We know that in the players who always bear a lot of pressure, but we want to win the title again in this year.

Paris Saint Germain new signings David Ruiz recently in an interview that, Barcelona and Bayern of Munich did in the summer was to be signed, but he finally chose to join Paris. In the interview, Ruiz said: "I am convinced himself in Paris than to Barcelona or Munich is more happy, I believe that Paris to represent the future of the club, which is why I very happy to be here, I think I will stay here. "Ruiz continued:" I and Tiago - Silva and Blanco talked a lot, I joined the decision was easy, my goal is to win the Champions League, this is our dream in Paris."

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