Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The British Media: Ji Lu Had Two Scans And Will Be Out For 3 Months

According to "Daily Telegraph" reported that, if the second scan to determine the Arsenal striker Giroux for ankle fracture, so the France international will face 3 months of rest.Maybe you have listened to typically the fifa 15 news ,subsequently in the near future , you can buy the cheap fifa 15 coins at our online store with the lowest price .Although Wenger had earlier said it would not seek to sign a new striker in the summer, but now Giroux's injury caused him to change his mind. As the transfer deadline is approaching, "the professor" may be renewed on Queens Park Rangers striker Remy's interest, or consider the use of short-term contracts signed former Chelsea striker Eto'O. Wenger may also stop the transfer of Podolsky, after the news, the striker could move to Wolfsburg or juventus.

The Serie B occurred bite events, innocent victim perpetrators anti eat card.The bite events in last Sunday Serie B league. Avellino striker Comi (Gianmario Comi) in the match bit Barry striker DeLuca (Giuseppe de Luca) a. But surprisingly, not only bite Komi without any punishment, but because the victim Tendulkar protest and late red card.The second half of the bite occurred in the game, when Avellino team got a kick opportunity. But Barry did not intend to eat yabakui.

From the video playback, these two players like wrestling together. The bite of the card is not willing to be injured Drew, immediately ran up to the referee protests before. But unfortunately the referee did not see just a scene, but feel Tendulkar is at fault, he gave him a red card, but the perpetrators Komi but did not receive any punishment. Don't know Is it right? Was inspired to this incident, Komi scored later in the game goal, and eventually helped the team to a 2-1 victory over Barry.

The club at the end of the game soon on the official website released Tendulkar arm photos, fans can clearly see a red mark. Barry president of the club also lodged complaints about the matter. "We don't want to make trouble, but we hope that we can pay more attention to this kind of event," President Barry Papa Les Kobita said, "Barry is like any other club to respect. I will continue to pay attention to this matter, the players must act in the right way, who can not do as one pleases in the game.

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